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Emaar Properties unveils luxury Armani Residences in Burj Dubai. Located on Levels 9 to 16 of Burj Dubai, the world's tallest building. Designed by Giorgio Armany. Strong investor response as Armani Residences Sales Centre opens. sssmore
Dubai, UAE, July 21, 2007: Today the world has a new global landmark - Burj Dubai. At 512.1 metres (1,680 ft), Burj Dubai, developed by Emaar Properties, is the tallest building in the world. The achievement once again puts Dubai in the international spotlight and underlines Emaar’s arrival as a global developer. sssmore
At 110 levels and 380 metres high, Burj Dubai shares the honour of having the largest number of floors in any building in the world, alongside Sears Tower in Chicago. At the current height, the tower is also the world's ninth tallest building. sssmore
Late last year 7DAYS saw a confidential document relating to the project in which Emaar recognised that they would have to scale back their ambitious 808-metre target height for the tower to just over 700 metres. The reasons for this downward reversion came from a combination of time constraints and the aforementioned construction difficulties. sssmore
Dubai: The world's tallest tower, the $900 million Burj Dubai, is months off schedule after its cladding work timetable was thrown into disarray last year, officials admitted. sssmore
Burj Dubai, the world's tallest skyscraper, is facing construction delays of at least a year after a leading contractor on the project went bankrupt, leaving the tower without any external walls. sssmore
Facade test is scheduled on Friday, if it is going to be successful the cladding could be on site next week. Due to the cladding delay Burj Dubai can miss the planned completion date. Read more
Global real estate major Emaar Properties marked a milestone in its historic quest to build the world's tallest tower as the AED 3.673 billion (US$1 billion) Burj Dubai scaled 50 levels today. sssmore
Facts and information about the cranes in Dubai in general and cranes on the Burj Dubai site sssmore
Bahrain could become home of the world's tallest skyscraper, it would be 1022m tall and 200 storeys sssmore
The world's tallest tower, Burj Dubai, is slated to go as high as 200 floors, a company official revealed. "It has reached floor No 40. It is over 20 per cent of the total habitable floors,"sssmore

Emaar said the tower stood at 40 storeys as of Thursday and that one floor was being added each week. It has been hesitant to say how tall the tower will be for fear of competition, but it is expected to stand some 800 metres (2,500 feet) high. sssmore

Burj Dubai, the tallest tower in the world will have the world's highest elevator installation and also the world's largest shopping mall, The Dubai Mall. The Observatory Elevators (double deck cabs) will have the world's highest travel distance from lowest to highest stop and will be the world's fastest at 18m/sec(40 mph) sssmore
Alongside the hotel, the Burj Dubai will offer 144 luxury residential apartments all designed by Giorgio Armani and fully furnished with a specially designed line of products from the Armani Casa home furnishings collection. sssmore
Kuwait Tower: Reliable sources disclosed “the project involves the construction of the highest skyscraper in the world with a height of one kilometer (1,100 meters) sssmore
The Burj, whose name means tower in Arabic, is set to become the world's tallest skyscraper in 2008, looming to a height of more than 790 meters, or 2,600 feet sssmore
With construction work progressing at a rapid pace, Emaar's iconic 'super' tower Burj Dubai - the tallest in the world when completed in 2008 - climbed to its twenty fifth storey height this month and will continue to average one floor per week. sssmore
Burj Dubai, however, is more than a skyscraper. The residential and hotel tower, expected to be more than 2,000 feet tall, is part of a complex. "It's the shopping center, golf course and the smaller towers that, in total, make it work economically,"
The current tallest building in the world is Taipei 101 at 508m. Emaar’s Burj Dubai, by SOM, now under construction, will set the new world record when it tops out at sssmore
An Australian surveyor working on the world's tallest building has faith that, despite challenges, it will work sssmore
Burj Dubai reaches defining moment as world's tallest building begins to rise sssmore
An ETA-led joint venture with Voltas and Hitachi has won a Dh1 billion (around $272.3 million) contract for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire-fighting works for the world’s tallest tower – Emaar’s Burj Dubai. sssmore
Wa named interior designer for Burj Dubai hotel sssmore
Otis wins landmark US$36 million contract for Burj Dubai, world’s tallest building sssmore
Dubai developer Nakheel’s Al Burj tower, proposed to be built as part of the Dubai Waterfront project, is expected to rival the Burj Dubai sssmore

Level 17: Burj Dubai continues long climb into record books
Changing the skyline:sssmore

Another competitor that can break 1km from Kuwait sssmore
Burj Dubai's competitor number one, Al Burj.sssmore
Man of Steel .sssmore
Nakheel draws up secret plan for mile-high tower.ssmore

Emaar signs AED 3.216 billion Burj Dubai const.sssmore


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