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sss The Kingdom Tower will get built after all. It has been resized from 1609m to 1000m. It will be the centerpiece of the $20 billion Kingdom City in Jeddah. Check out some spectacular
photos of Kingdom Tower
The tower will consist of a Four Seasons hotel and serviced apartments, A class offices, luxury condominiums and the world's highest observatory.
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sss Imre has visited Burj Khalifa once again, you can see a mixture of exterior shots and photos of the apartments and amenities in the building + a video of one of the apartments if you click on Burj Khalifa Photos 2011 link.
sss Fantastic photos by Sebastian Opitz. Take a look at the Burj Khalifa interior photos by clicking on the link.

Burj Khalifa windows
Fancy living in the world's tallest building? According to real estate agents it's possible to rent an apartment for $22,000 a year, and with current decline it could be even less.
Armani Hotel plans expanding to Milan next year and quite possibly the location after would be Paris.
New photos of Burj Khalifa by Tom Green, AltinD and 234sale.
Watch new HD videos of the tower:
1st floor to 124th within one minute
Burj Khalifa Residential Atrium
Armani Pavilion Opening Event
NZ Rugby in Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa Panorama Burj at night Burj and Business Bay
sss Check out DXBQuantum's photos of Burj Khalifa and his apartment in it HERE.
Some new videos of the tower:
Frankfurt to Dubai
Armani Signature Suite, Burj Khalifa
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bk1004.jpg bk1015.jpg bk1019.jpg
sss Living in the world's tallest tower would cost at least $38,000 per year for a studio apartment according to Gulf News. Burj Khalifa and the Ledge at Willis Tower won the top Illinois engineering honors for 2010.
New photos by Dubai Boy and Robert Lega.

bk0101.jpg bk0221.JPG bk0214.JPG
sss The latest photos were taken by Imre, 234sale and Old Town Resident.
Check out some new Burj videos:

Opening of the Armani Hotel
Katie Jensen behind the scenes
Cute Dubai Video

bk0302.jpg bk0305.jpg bk0306.jpg
sss The Armani Hotel opens today along with a fashion show for the launch in the Burj Khalifa tower. New photos by AltinD and Imre.

BK2502.jpg BK2505.jpg BK2507.jpg
sss When we just thought this time it's for real, Armani Hotel has been delayed again by a week. Official opening on April 27. You can read more about the hotel HERE.
Some excellent new photography by Imre and AltinD.

BK1703.jpg BK1705.jpg BK1710.jpg
sss The observation deck has opened it's gates again, after nearly two months of maintenance. The 378 solar collector panels installed on the Burj Khalifa can heat 140,000 litres of water per 7 hours.
GN video of the re-opening.
New photos by AltinD and 234sale.

burj2112.jpg BK0401.jpg BK0402.jpg
sss Burj Khalifa will go dark on March 27. for Earth Hour in a global initiative against climate change. There is still no news about when the observation deck will be in operation again.
Take a look at some amazing Vector Skyscrapers including the Burj and other supertalls, like Shanghai Tower, Chicago Spire and many more.
New pictures by AltinD & OTR.

Burj at night Burj Khalifa sign Burj Khalifa by day
sss The opening of the Armani Hotel has been delayed by more than a month. The opening ceremony will be on April 22. New night shots by Imre. Take a look at this amazing HD 1080p video of a visit to Burj Khalifa:
My visit at the observation deck

Burj Khalifa Tower of Dubai Dubai Tower at night
sss New day & night photos of Burj by Imre. The Armani hotel in the tower will be opened later on this month. It was designed by Giorgio Armani himself and it consists of 160 suits and guest rooms. Etisalat has finished building the mobile infrastructure in Burj Khalifa. Visitors, workers, holiday makers have now full mobile access in the tower - even in the elevators. It comes handy if you happen to get stuck in it...

burj2508.jpg burj0211.jpg burj0304.jpg
sss The observation deck in Burj Khalifa is still closed down from public, there could be more problems than previously thought.
New pictures by Imre and Skyscrapercity man. Great high def video from the top:
At the Top of Burj Khalifa
& a funny one

burj1601.jpg burj1702.jpg burj2204.jpg
sss New photos by Tommy, Imre, OTR & Skyscrapercity man. Dubai officials plan to introduce a gold coin with Burj Khalifa on one side, and the president of the UAE on the other. Ahmed bin Sulayem said "We are confident that this design represents the face of modern UAE and its aspirations".
Two great HD videos of Burj:
Burj Khalifa and Super Bowl
Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain

Burj Khalifa by Tommy Burj Khalifa Tower Dubai Skyline
sss The 124th floor observation deck in Burj Khalifa has been closed down for maintenance due to power supply problems - according to Emaar. The visitors are going to be notified once the works are over.
You can check the latest Burj Khalifa photos that were taken by Imre.
Watch Tommy's Youtube channel for some excellent videos of the tower.

Burj Khalifa tower Road to Abu Dhabi Burj Khalifa and the teddy
sss New photos of Burj Khalifa by Imre, AltinD and 234sale. You can see them here: Burj Khalifa photos.
New videos:
Lucky guy!
Grand Opening Timelapse
HD video of Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa observation deck

Burj Khalifa at night Burj Sign Burj tower
sss The site has been updated with some beautiful photography of Burj Khalifa by Imre. Old Town Resident took photos on the way up to The Top. Check the video of the elevator that takes to the observation deck HERE.
The French climber Alain Robert, who is also known as the Spiderman plans to climb the world's tallest tower, the Burj. The passionate skyscraper climber will try to do this breathtaking action in between January and April 2011.

Burj al Arab and Burj Khalifa Burj Khalifa from Business Bay Burj Khalifa at night
sss Imre took some new photos in the past days of Burj Khalifa, which has changed name from Burj Dubai at the inauguration. It has been named after His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, ruler of Abu Dhabi.

Burj Khalifa from Business Bay Burj Khalifa and teddy Burj Khalifa artistic photo
sss Visiting and ticket information :
Burj Khalifa Observation Deck Information

Watch two amazing videos:
World Record Base Jump
Burj Khalifa hit by lightning

Burj hit by lightning Burj K Burj Khalifa
sss The latest photos have been taken by Imre, 234sale, Gerald and Old Town Resident:

Burj Khalifa in January - updated
Burj Khalifa Inauguration - updated
Burj Khalifa Selected photos
Free Burj Khalifa Vector Art

bd0529.jpg bd0526.jpg in089.jpg
sss Burj Khalifa

Burj Dubai has been renamed to Burj Khalifa. The official height is:

828 m | 2716 feet

Burj Khalifa Inauguration Photos

Burj Khalifa
sss Tomorrow is the BIG Show! Fireworks, Laser show, Light show, Fountain show & more. Don't forget about our Guide.
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